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"we do iron...that's as real as it gets..."
whimsical dogs and cats
This is some of the whimsical and colorful dog and
cat sculptures that we make. They are hand made
one at a time in our shop.
We have created many customized dogs and cats
for customers who want a colorful , whimsical and
unique sculpture of their "best friend".
Why not have us make one of your loving pet?
These one of a kind dog urns are made individually here in our shop. We use parts from our "made
in shop" parts bins and (or) customized parts that are make "as needed". The bodies are made from
access. After creation they are individually primed, painted and clear coated to protect the colors.
They were designed to hold the cremated remains of your beloved "best friend" and be a whimsical
reminder of the joy they gave us throughout their lives.
They are intended to bring a smile to your face and help you through this terrible time of loss.
We are dog lovers...and know this loss all too well...

"...someday we will see them again...our beloved long lost friend..."     

These are "made to order" creations.   We would need a few pictures of your dog or cat and any
specific input regarding hair color, size, etc. We will do our best to create a colorful, accurate and
whimsical sculpture for your pleasure and use.
Feel free to contact us for further information.
Thank you.
We also create
. Scroll
down for more
about these
unique and
and pet URNS
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