Real Stuff Gallery and Gifts
10155 Route 219
West Valley,  New York  14171
(716) 592 0552
"we do iron...that's as real as it gets..."
These are some of the custom tables, coat racks, etc. that we've made for
different customers or for sale in the gallery.  Many of the tables were
finished with wood tops, some with glass and one at least had marble. The
monster table was made from monster cans for my grand daughter...she
loves monsters...
All of the coat racks started with a solid bar of iron that was then forged to
shape. The "adornments" were then added along with the forged hooks.
They make a heavy coat rack to beautify your wall and provide a place to
hang your coats, hats, whatever you want.
We do customized coat us for details.
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