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kid's creations page
and GIFTS already know about our 2 awesome dogs.  More important is the 8
awesome grand children that Debby and myself have. I've given them their own
page on the site. Every so often...we get some of them to come down to the
shop and get creative. Samantha is the oldest ( the one that lives with us) and
she started making bugs and critters years ago. She's made them for a few
local benefits and other fund raisers. In addition to her love of playing
saxophone, this is another of her creative outlets. Now she even gets some of
her friends to make them. Shianna and Rachael also have fun making these
guys. It's definately a "fun time" for all !
The process goes like this...the girls come to the shop and pick out "already
made" parts. They  tell me how they want them welded together. After assembly
they have Debby paint them according their sense of color. Sometimes I have
them  make a sketch of their creations so we know who made what.
We have learned that it is more fun for us to have them "make bugs"...rather
than to "bug us"...
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