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Here are some of the large sculptures from my shop. They are
always a challenge due to their size and complexity.
Sponge Bob is still one of our favorites...for me to build...and
Debby to paint.
The yellow tree and tree house started with Paul building the 10'
tall tree and mounting it on a concrete foundation. Then the tree
house was built and added. The whole tree house project was
created for  our grand daughter Samantha and the rest of the
grand kids.
There is both a serious side...and a fun, whimsical side to these
creations.They are all made from forged and fabricated parts that
are made here in our shop.
Feel free to contact us with inquiries.
Thank you.
roycroft sculpture
in front of the
roycroft campus on
main st. east
aurora, ny.
this is a memorial
for my "son" and
best companion
Dozer. He may be
gone...but he'll
never be
forgotten. It is in
our pet cemetery in
our back yard.
"lady justice"
Olean, NY
squirrel project
"jeep squirrel" Olean
NY squirrel project. The
jeep was handmade
from sheet steel
custom map of the US hand
made from license plates from
corresponding states
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