These wine bottle holders are handmade one at a time. Paul
forges the end of a solid round steel bar. Then each piece is
bent around a form to give it the spiral shape. Once formed they
are welded to the other elements to make the finished wine
bottle holder. Debby then cleans and paints or clear coats them
to protect their appearance.
We make many different racks and holders and many different
shapes and sizes.
Feel free to contact us with your specific needs.
Thank you.
Real Stuff Gallery and Gifts
10155 Route 219
West Valley,  New York  14171
(716) 592 0552
wine racks  
"we do iron...that's as real as it gets..."

These wine racks are approx.40" long. They are hand made one at a
time from our own forged and fabricated parts, then clear coated. They
can be mounted horizontal or at any angle to vertical.  
Feel free to inquire about custom sizes and shapes.
Thank you.
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